Fine Wood Spoons™

Everything you make with one of my spoons will taste better!

Do you desire a custom and lovely kitchen utensil? Need a one of a kind, beautifully hand made gift for that special cook? Then welcome to Fine Wood Spoons'™ own little corner of the internet. Unique, hand crafted wood utensils and implements. I create coffee scoops, stir paddles, stir spoons, mini spoons, ladles, and many different special shapes.

Most any shape can be made of most any wood. Some shapes seem to lend themselves to certain woods, and some woods seem to like certain shapes, but there doesn't seem to be much of a restriction on either. We prefer to use woods that are "closed grain" for use with liquid type foods that penetrate.

"Open grain" woods are fine with most dry type cooking or measuring and can be fine with liquids when cleaned well.

Each spoon that I make is a product of many hours of hand rubbing and careful application of finishers, resulting in a wonderful silky smooth surface that must be felt to be believed.

    How are my spoons different?
  • Ultra smooth
  • Hand rubbed finish
  • Safe, edible oil finish
  • No petroleum based mineral oil

Pick the bowl shape. Pick the handle shape. Pick the wood. Get the one that is perfect for YOU!

Each piece is individually and caringly made. Fine Wood Spoons International
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The #1 Spoon, 40 years old, and still making great sauce!

The artist at work...

We have used only Sesame Oil for treating wood utensils for two reasons: One is that it is NOT a petroleum distillate product, as is mineral oil. Second, is that to the best of our knowledge, it does not go rancid like vegetable and olive oils. We may investigate other oils and perhaps experiment with them. Rest assured that we would only switch to a superior product if or when it could be found. We would never do anything to jeopardize the taste or healthfulness of any food our utensils are used to prepare. Your comments, suggestions and requests are not only welcome, they are requested.